Defense Station Portable v2 Released!


Way back in the day Defense Station Touchable (then called Defense Station Portable) started out as a successfully PSP homebrew game. Released for a PSP homebrew competition DSP was recognised as one of the greatest PSP homebrew games released. Then Dave got an iphone…

We are happy to inform all the PSP users foaming at the bit to get their hands on the new PSP version of DSP, that the wait is over! We’ve been putting in late nights to bring the excellent Defense Station Touchable back to it’s original home. The time has once again come to Defend the river against the invading hordes on your PSP.

Now featuring 4 Maps with 50 waves each. (Sorry The Nile map didn’t fit on PSP, go buy DST ;-) )

15 Unlockable Achievements.

More quirky sound effects!

So go now and Download Defense Station Portable v2 for PSP.

Thanks has to go out to Surreal for all his help with DSP over the years. You’re the man!

Shout outs to everyone still alive in the PSP scene!

And in iPhone related news we have something entertaining in the pipeline… ;-)


  • Hey
    Love the PSP version. But would it be possible to make bloons tower defence 3 for PSP? I would really love that, all that money and bloon! I look forward to your future games for PSP.
    PSPnoObmOd (thats the link for the game)

  • woo, finally! i was playing the destop version and i would say it is awesome. going to try this out right away.

  • This just too awesome.

  • i’ve been waiting for this release. thanks.

  • Thanks you soo mutch for this, its is realy the best psp homebrew out there (how come its not on You will get way more poeple downloading it then!!

    I will be making maps for this later on thanks!

  • Excellent work. The waiting for this game was really worth it.

  • Cheers everyone :-)

    @PSPnoObmOd – If someone ripped all the sprites and stats they could make it run in the Defense Station engine.
    Or if anyone knew the people behind ninjakiwi then they could perhaps provide them and we could do something official… Get them in touch :-)

    @P0w3rp0t1 – Not sure why it hasn’t hit the news there yet, I’ve submitted to pspupdates and psp-hacks, neither have posted yet :-(
    Looking forward to seeing your maps :-)

  • i dl the game but it wont work the files say file error the folder and files are the same and no size file in the programs plz hlp me run this on my psp

  • @ajazzo – Sounds like your download failed, download it again.

  • nice game but i cant get past the first level on easy!
    could any 1 help me?

  • Hey, game has been working fine and everything, but I would like to make my own levels. Is there a tutorial on how to somewhere or will there be? Just curious.

  • Hi i have modified the PSP version with a working Nile map…

    I notice their is an achievement for the nile map in the PSP version… so as it seemed daft to have this without the map, i included a modified version of this map …

    uses 480 x 480 scale, all variables edited to fit in with the new scale map… even tried to keep the difficulty somewhat…

    here >>>

  • Hello AGAIN! :)

    I have just spoken to ninja kiwi about bloons tower defence and they have said they are working on a iphone game and will soon start a PSP version. If it doesnt get finshed, some can have everything they need to put it together. I would also like the idea of a level maker, it would be really cool!

  • @PSPnoObmOd – Cool, if they get stuck I could always give them the DST/DSP engine to use, would make it easy to get both going ;-)

  • Cool. But can you tell us how to make our own levels? I downloaded the PC version because it said something about it there but I couldn’t find the leveldev document on how to do it! Your help would be much appreciated.

  • I have noticed that in 4.01 m33 i’m getting some unexpected crashes. Last time it happened was on the first flying level, on the last level. too many get threw too fast.

    If this isn’t a issue with 4.01, I would say it would have to do with when the player is speeding the game up, and has low lives (say 6) and 20 baddies get threw. I would guess this is a overflow, maybe deleting game objects twice or in the wrong order then trying to pop a enemy and subtract life when the player doesn’t exist anymore. Just a guess, and as I write this i’m thinking this is most likely a problem with 4.01.

    Another thing I noticed was that money values are somewhat difficult to read for certain values.

  • @PSPnoObmOd -
    If you grab the windows version there is a test level, the XML files for that have some documentation on how to do everything.
    Just open up the levels folder and check out all the .xml files in there, they are pretty self explanatory.

    @serx -
    There are some performance issues with the PSP version. I guess these could cause crashes, but I wouldn’t expect so.
    Might look at it over the next few weeks, got some other things I’m working on at the moment.

    Had fun editing the .xml files etc, so I can build anywhere…
    Anyways it’s the BEST homebrew game I’ve played in a WHILE


  • Hi all,

    i really like this game^^
    i am editting some stuff and i can now upgrade my towers to lvl 6 and some to 7 ^^
    I am now trying to get more waves but whenever i try it out my psp crashes but im working on it :)


  • Hi everyone,

    I’m working on a mod of DSP.
    It’s called DSP windows Edition it’s for the psp.
    the towers are applications and levels are desktops.
    but i have a question: how do you add music to the eboot.pbp file so you can hear a song when you are selecting the DSP in xmb menu?

  • lol Casper-Zeta, sounds interesting.

    To put a sound in you pass a .at3 audio file into pack-pbp.
    Run ‘pack-pbp’ with no arguments to get the arguments list.

  • Thanx Dave i added sound, its a remix of the windows start up tune.
    but i’m out of inspiration…. what will i replace the water with?
    Anyone ideas?

  • Use the windows default desktops and the pathfinding feature? (See the windows version for an example)
    You’ll probably need to rebalance the towers to make it not too hard/easy.

  • DSP2 reboots my PSP when I press [X] button on ‘New game’ menu item!
    I have 5.0 M33-6 firmware.

  • alright well i have a few questions
    1) i have made several of my own maps and realized that if you go past the 480×480 map dimensions that it will blur everything outside the normal size (480×480). i was wondering if there was any way to get past this for a larger level.
    2) Is it possible to create your own enemies? i have made different wave lengths as well so it is kinda endless (more like 50 enemies of each wave up until the boss and then it ends). i edited the title of the path so i could have one map normal and the other endless (so to speak) and i noticed that it just accesses the enemy folder to grab the icons and info. Is it possible to make new ones using these as examples?
    3) As you know i have made my own levels, but some of the computer illiterate people have trouble installing the new levels that i make. Was wondering if you would mind if i changed the pic1 and the icon0 so that they know it was a modified version of the game. It would still say defense station portable but it would state that this game has extra levels that are not made by the same maker of the game and that is all.

    here is a link to the eboot with the modified icon0 and pic1
    i have not attached or released any enemy, wave, or wave path modifications and i am waiting for your ok.

  • @Stanislav Kupryakhin – Make sure you put all the files on and that you aren’t running it under 1.5 kernel.

    1) On the PSP the maximum texture size is 512×512, so that is as large as you can go. This could be worked around at the code level, but I haven’t felt the need to…
    2) Absolutely! Just do what you said.
    3) That would be fine, please include a link to your site (if you have one) and the ironshod site (as the original software author) in the readme.
    Releasing custom versions of the your map is encouraged!

  • alright i have a few more questions and comments.
    1)i noticed that on moonstrocity certain waves will spawn only 3 or 2 of the paths, and then the next wave will spawn the ones that didn’t. i went in and checked this out and saw that on a few areas instead of going path a,b,c,d you went a,b,d,c i changed that and it still messed up but i noticed on all waves you set WaitTime to 0 except on wave path d i’m still not sure what has caused this but i thought i would let you know.
    2)on moonstrocity when there is a boss enemy only one of them actually depletes 2 health, the other depletes 1. i’m not sure if you meant to do this or not just i came across this in the xml doc and realized that Boss=”true” was only on one.
    3)well i am currently working on several different things and i was wondering if you can make another folder next to rivertd so i would only be editing my xml doc and could keep all of the original levels untouched.
    4)i am using cygwin and i was wondering if there was any way to make the eboot into c data again so i could include a notice image right before the ironshod trademark pic, but i can understand if you don’t want to tell me or give me the c documents. i was also thinking of using your game to help me create something like endless zombie rampage on the psp but i don’t have that much experience creating games like this and the upgrade system would be extremely helpful for making a bunker that has health and upgrades.
    Thanks again you guys have an awesome game

  • I can find the game but the system wont start it.. :(
    Does it matter wich version you have? I got 3.95 so should I upgrade or downgrade? (Downgrade would be better so i could play homebrews) but its easier to upgrade if it will make this one work.


  • well arpi i don’t think it should matter what fw you are on as long as it runs homebrew. i was running 5.02 GEN-A and it works fine.

    i answered my own question for #3 but came up with one that i meant to ask earlier as well.
    i combined the waves and tried to make the towers unlock after every wave but couldn’t get it to work. is there anything i need to do specifically in the xml besides edit the spam wave #’s and when the towers unlock? or is it built in to automatically come after the spam waves at the specified wave # in the xml doc?

  • i am looking for some new levels i dont know how to make them

  • @Ninja66
    1) Probably a bug in the PSP version.
    2) woops
    3) yes
    4) not at this time.

    Upgrades) There is a tag in the XML that defines that you get an upgrade point after beating a wave, I think it is UpgradePoints=”1″…

    @arpi – I tested on 5.00 CFW

  • well i have found how to edit them now i am making Warcraft-PoD in two a ver two map with 50 waves i am also redoing all the enemies and tower war-craft looking is there a way to make it so when you upgrade the towers it will chage the look? if so please tell and thank you for your time

  • so far i have done the map two towers added 50 waves to the war craft level also is ther a open source of this code to add in so that when you upgrade the towers it would have a diff pic for each upgraded level

  • @bling – Sorry that isn’t supported in the engine.

  • well i know alot of c++ so if i can get the engine source code i maybe can code it in and give you that with the update

    ps at the min i am making new towers and enemies and two maps i would like to help this game as i have really like that td games and am loveing it code again and doing the igs

  • also what are the ATTLIST weaknesses like fire water air or is it tower names?

  • <Weaknesses>
    <Weakness Tower=”cannon” Multiplier=”2.0″ />
    (It is commented in one of the test level enemies)

    But it is unimplemented :-(

    I’ll do an update when we have our next game done ;-)

  • Hello!

    I’ve played a LOT with your game. Its the best HOMEBREW i’ve ever played. But there are minor problems. First Of all, The Bosses. As their HP goes down, they get stronger. Is it fair that in the first half of the maze, i shoot down half of its HP then, at the second half, only a quarter. Its kind of annoying.

    Also, the Laser and Cannon Tower Achivements are impossible. I tried many many times, and i can’t do it. Always die around lvl 42 :D

    Another thing. The towers seems weaker if you build them near others. So if i have 5 towers in a line, like on the first map upper side, you know the little part, they OWN. But, if i build around the first map with the towers. They just suck. I swear the upper 5, makes more damage, then the other 25 :D

    So please answer my little findings.

    And sorry for my english, i’m just a kid. :D

  • Wow awesome!!!

    The bosses don’t get stronger as their health goes down, you probably just have less or weaker towers later in the maze.

    Your towers are more powerful when you spread them out since they waste less shots shooting enemies that are already dead, so definitely do that.

    Put your towers in the best places and take advantage of getting interest at the end of each wave, you are going to need it!
    The places where enemies have to go past twice (or more) are the best places to put your towers, these spots make them 2-3x more useful. Definitely upgrade these towers first.


  • Love this homebrew, Im a huge fan. I cant wait to see the next iteration :) . Oh just a thought, it would be nice to have a build in mp3 player since there are just game sounds as it is now, having your own soundtrack behind that would be badass. Keep up the good work.

    - DookieFarookie

  • well you knwo you get 10% extra at the end of a wave so save up instead of doing minor upgrades

  • how can i make me new towers or maps?

  • @Crusader – The included README.txt tells you….
    You grab the windows version and it is self explanatory!

  • does have to be hacked

  • You need Custom Firmware installed on your PSP yes.

  • i can’t play it there came always :
    “This game can’t start.
    Datas are defect.”
    whhats to do?

  • okay, ive downloaded the game and put it on my psp and it starts fine and eveything, but when i click “new game” my psp crashes. im going to try disabling all my plugins and redownloading, but any help would be appreciated

  • Weird, that can happen if you haven’t put all the files and folders on the psp.
    Try copy it on again and make sure you safely remove the USB.

  • are there new games for psp in programming?

  • Hi!

    I love it!
    But is it possible to make new maps?
    That would be awesome!!

    Thank you!

  • @Paddy – Yeah you can make your own maps. Grab the PC Version from the DST page. The readme tells you how to get going and there is an example level included.

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