<mongo_bonz> Hi I got your iPod game last night lol
<mongo_bonz> Now as a custmer can I ask for a rpg like ff7 lol aaarrrrrrrrr

no. lol. :-P Anyone else out there know of one on the app store?

We have 2 games in the pipeline at the moment, neither is an RPG.

Jacob is hard at work drawing, redrawing and re-redrawing the graphics for our second game, he is such a hard man to (self) please! I’ve been working on the coding, the engine for it is 90% complete. It is totally playable and the people we have had testing it have had plenty of positive comments.

Our 3rd game is just a prototype at the moment, the super sexy programmer graphics I’ve created show off the ideas behind it, and the very select few we’ve shown it to are eagerly awaiting more :-)

I’m gonna go kick Jacobs arse and get him to write an article about how difficult it is to create menu screens that are sexy :-P Or maybe just get him to finish the menus and then we could start to post some news about the game :-)

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