Defense Station on Playbook


Tablets are all the rage this year, everyone is getting in the game. You have the BlackBerry PlayBookMotorola Xoom, HP Slate and even Sony are getting in the game. We love our iPad’s but we couldn’t help but check out the PlayBook, what with the free PlayBook for developers offer!

So without further ado Ironshod are excited to announce Defense Station for the BlackBerry Playbook! Get it while it’s on special @ 99c!

In porting Defense Station from the iPhone we took the chance to do all the things we couldn’t when restricted to the iPhone’s smaller screen. The most notable improvement is the new UI. The luxury of having more pixels is amazing! We were also able to have the whole map on the screen without the need to scroll.

Love the game? hate the game? got a question? or simply just want to add your 2c, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or flick us an email.


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